$1.58b The Tuesday Mega Millions jackpot winner was from Florida.

– Following the drawing that took place on Tuesday, a fortunate player from Florida has become a billionaire after matching all six numbers. 

– On Friday, there were no winners announced for the Mega Millions lottery, which resulted in the jackpot increasing to $1.58 billion. In the drawing that took place on Tuesday, there was a cash option for $783.3 million. 

Just a few weeks after a Powerball prize of $1.08 billion was recently won in California, the jackpot has risen to become one of the top three highest jackpots in the history of the United States.  

– A lottery player from New York earned twenty million dollars on April 20th, which was the last time the Mega Millions jackpot was won. Cash prizes totaling $10.5 million were awarded to the winner. 

The question is asked in Spanish: "Who won the Mega Millions lottery on Tuesday?" Be sure to review the results.  

– The Megamultier for this drawing was 2X.On Tuesday, a single participant from Florida was able to match all five numbers as well as the Mega Ball. 

– The lottery game revealed that two players had a match five with the mega multiplier, which resulted in their prizes reaching a total of two million dollars.

Both North Carolina and Florida are represented among the players.  

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