2 Zodiac Signs Will Experience Financial Abundance Starting June 5

Beginning on Wednesday, the Moon, Jupiter, and Mercury in Gemini will dance in harmony with Pluto in Aquarius. 

These powerful alignments pave the way for incredible opportunities, especially for my celestial bulls and lions!

Summary astrology report on what will happen in our solar system this June in the Lord's Year of 2024.

Taurus, with the Moon, Jupiter, and Mercury in your second house of finance and self-worth, you are about to see an increase in financial stability and self-confidence.   

Leo, with these planetary influences lighting up your eleventh house of networking and long-term ambitions, June 5 is a great day to shine in social situations and promote your dreams. 

1. Taurus  

Taurus, prepare for an excess of money and an opportunity to truly step into your authority.  With the Moon, Jupiter, and Mercury in your second house of finance, resources


You made many career adjustments last year. You may have changed jobs or worked remotely or overseas because you've learned that the universe's plans are always bigger.   

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