3 Zodiac Signs May Fall Out Of Love Or End A Relationships The Week Of June 3 - 9

Three zodiac signs will reveal their romantic partner feelings from June 3–9, 2024, and it's bad. While we don't want to make things look bad, we know it must cease to become better.   

The Moon conjunct Mercury and a New Moon in Gemini help us decide this week: Stay or go? Venus squaring Saturn on the same day as the Moon opposite Pluto suggests ending the relationship.  


So that's it. About what, Taurus? First, you got the indication you needed to decide whether to stop the connection 'for real' with the individual you've been considering.   

Pluto energy this week, June 3–9, tells you this cannot continue. While this may put you in a financial bind, you'll realize it's not worth worrying about.   


You don't want to acknowledge that you're more serious about work than love and romance right now.   

This week, you and your partner will talk about this. You're open about what you want and don't think you can be this person's partner. You know you can't because they desire a mate.  

What you learn this week will permanently affect how you view your romantic partner. Your desires are completely challenged by this guy.   


The New Moon energy in Gemini affects the deciding stroke most. Gemini regulates communication, and Aquariuses must be understood, therefore you will speak.   

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