3 Zodiac Signs Overcome Challenging Horoscopes On May 30

When we know who we are, we have a better idea of where we're heading, what the future may hold, and how to conduct ourselves in everyday life.   

On Thursday, May 30, three distinct zodiac signs may simply prove to the world that their strong belief in something is, in fact, something they really doubt.   

This is where we wind up feeling lost, which leads to bewilderment. What do we think we were? Are we not or are we? To compensate for our lack of certainty, we impose our 'beliefs' on others and isolate ourselves because we've gone too far.  

Pisces, your tarot card for this week is the 10 of Cups. It encourages you to seek pleasure within yourself and ensure that your cup is being filled equally by others whose cups you are eager to fill.   

Prioritize your self-care and personal needs, and you will be able to do the same for your loved ones. These two scenarios are similar to chariot wheels in that they always have an impact on each other even when they are running together.  

1. Gemini

You've always had an excellent sense of self. When you are feeling insecure, you rely on your belief system to help you through.   

2. Leo

Despite the fact that you are a generous and loving person, you can be a touch pushy at times. During the Pisces Half Moon, you may notice what happens when you press your arguments on someone who simply does not see things your way.  

When a friend informs you that they no longer follow your posts, your only response will be defensive and snobbish.   

3. Virgo

That's their loss. You feel embarrassed and affronted when a buddy tells you that they can no longer participate in your tirade of hatred and intolerance  

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