3 Zodiac Signs Who Fall In Love With Their Friend On June 2

When we open our hearts to love, we never know who will step in and say 'carpe diem.' On June 2, we can discover that the most attractive person we know also happens to be one of our friends.   

This could be someone of the same gender, or not. We understand that they make us feel good about ourselves and that we are not threatened when we are with them.   

In fact, with Jupiter trine Pluto in support of our emotions, we might even fall in love with a buddy.  

During Jupiter's trine to Pluto, the possibilities are clear. We are not criticizing ourselves for feeling the way we do. In fact, we embrace what we think to be our truth, and for the time being, love is love.  

This could lead to three zodiac signs having a completely new love experience, as they trust themselves enough to feel that this love is genuine.  

Nothing ends here, and if it cannot, the friendship will remain as it is. Nothing is lost, and a lot is gained.  

You've spent a lot of time with one friend, and the way you two get along is unlike anything else. It's the kind of emotion that makes you want to spend all of your time with them and block out the rest.  

1. Cancer

2. Virgo

You need love right now. You have been feeling lonely and isolated. While you are not truly ready to fall in love, that is usually when people fall in love when they are not expecting it.   

3. Capricorn

You've fallen in love with your friend, but she's already in a relationship with someone else. Guess what? That's good because, even if you're in love with them, you don't feel the urge to end the connection  

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