3 Zodiac Signs Who Need A Break From Love On June 1

A person may wish to step away from love for a variety of reasons.  

There are times when we wish taking a break was as simple as closing down and letting love in, but it is not always that straightforward. 

The energy forces of Pluto and Jupiter are all around us on June 1, and we might discover that being by ourselves and in peace is the most beneficial position for us at this time. 

1. Virgo

You have expressed this before: I need time away from everyone. 

The truth is that the break you truly want is when you are alone, sipping a girly drink under a palapa on an island, without your spouse by your side.  

You are beginning to question whether you could ever survive without your romantic partner's unwavering presence; is that actually the case? 

2. Scorpio

This is not how you, of all people, can think, Scorpio.  

You believe that you need to avoid staring at your partner continually in order to maintain a healthy love life.  

3. Capricorn

Essentially, you are attempting to be diplomatic even though you do not want people staring you down all the time. 

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