3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Overcome Their Challenges On June 1

It's June 1, and we don't want to get caught up in someone's social media tantrum. We certainly have better things to do than fall into that trap, particularly on a Saturday.   

With the Moon aligned with Pluto, we may find ourselves unable to resist the appeal of the negative trap, which awaits us with its jaws open. Why would we do this to ourselves?  

Why do we care so much about what is carelessly posted on social media that we take it all too seriously?  

Three zodiac signs will experience increased sensitivity during this transit. While the option to turn away will be constant and evident, we will still choose to participate against our better judgment.  

For some, we desire to be 'correct' and speak out against the rants and raves of words expressed by friends and strangers online, in some other dimension.  

1. Gemini

For a long time, you saw yourself as the gatekeeper to one or more areas of interest. You believed that by monitoring the activities and statements of one specific individual on social media, you could benefit the world by acting as a voice of reason.  

2. Virgo

Getting engaged with individuals you'll never meet, never see in person, never see their faces, and never know the reality behind it is what has driven you to get addicted to social media and all of its perils.   

3. Pisces

You've observed something about yourself that will come to a head this Saturday during the Pluto transit. You're beginning to believe everything you see on the internet.  

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