3 Zodiac Signs Whose Relationships Improve On June 7

June 7 demonstrates that what we want, even if it takes a long time to arrive, IS attainable

The key to it all is letting go of the outcome. For example, we would like an apology from a parent, an old acquaintance, or even a former love. 

We wait and wait, convinced that this individual 'owes' us an apology. We put ourselves in jail and waited for this individual to accept responsibility for what we feel they did. And time goes by.

The Cancer Moon will coincide with Mars on Friday. The findings will surprise everyone, especially the three zodiac signs that have made it their business to wait, wait, and wait for an apology.

What this travel will lead us is the realization that we no longer care. What is an apology going to do after all this time? That's when the other person apologizes and accepts responsibility for their conduct.


So, it appears that Friday, June 7, has something unusual in store for you, Gemini, and it takes the form of that individual contacting you to clarify their previous behavior. On the one hand, you're quite intrigued and curious about what they have to say. On the other side, you believe that so much time has passed since that 'event' occurred that you are no longer eager for their apologies.


By the time the Mars/Cancer Moon conjunction arrives, you will notice a shift in the atmosphere. Something is 'up,' and you can't quite put your finger on it, but your gut tells you that you're on the edge of some type of resolution. You are someone who listens to your heart, and on Friday, June 7, it tells you that you are going to receive closure in the form of a long-awaited apology


June 7 has you listening to someone explain themselves for no apparent reason. You previously believed you needed this explanation, but between the time someone made it and now, you've completed all of the personal work required to heal yourself. Now you're simply pampering the other person since they appear to need to discharge themselves in your presence. 

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