4 Signs your guy friend likes you but is afraid to admit it

Have you ever wondered if your man buddy sees you as more than a friend? Deciphering his genuine feelings can be like solving a mystery.  

But do not be afraid! In this blog, we'll look at four symptoms that your guy buddy has deeper affections for you but is too terrified to tell it.  

Body language speaks volumes: Pay attention to his body language. Does he lean in as you chat, make lengthy eye contact, or find subtle ways to touch you? These subtle physical clues can frequently indicate underlying feelings that words fail to express.  

Jealousy creeps in: Have you ever felt a hint of jealousy when you mention other guys? Your man friend may try to hide it, but signs of envy could reveal his genuine feelings.   

He Goes the Extra Mile: Does your guy friend go out of his way to help you or spend time with you? Whether it’s offering to fix something around your house or accompanying you to mundane tasks, his willingness to prioritize your needs speaks volumes about his feelings.

Mixed Signals: He might be warm and attentive one moment, then distant and aloof the next. If your man friend's conduct varies between hot and cool, it could indicate internal conflict.   

He might be struggling with his emotions, unsure of how to make the step from friends to something more.  

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