4 Zodiacs Who Will Find Love But Still Need To Figure Their Lives Out In June


Your single days are limited, Leo, but before you start celebrating, you should consider what you think a relationship would alter about your life. 

You've put too much pressure on yourself to walk into a room or attend an event alone.


Taurus, you've convinced yourself that all you need is the proper person to make you happy. To persuade you to prioritize a mortgage over girl-mapping your way to the European leg of the Eras Tour. 

You've equated love with the capacity to change your personal preferences, mistaking a soulmate for a form of soul Invisalign. 


Cancer, you're approaching love and marriage with a fresh perspective. The chance to join the family of your dreams and compensate for any flaws in the one you were born into. 

The difficulty with such method is that, while you can develop your own distinct relationship with your in-laws, you are not "absorbed" by your partner's life. 


You believe that love is the remedy for loneliness, Aquarius, and while it can help, it cannot fully eliminate the problem.

A lone relationship will not provide your needs for companionship and community. You'll have to put yourself out there, find common ground with strangers, and then nurture and cultivate the connection into a thriving friendship.

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