5 Chinese Zodiac Signs Who Are Luckiest In Love From June 3 - 9 – 

Start something fresh! That is the communal love energy for this week, June 3-9, 2024.   

While you're at it, let rid of anyone who is preventing you from experiencing genuine love.   

Of course, five Chinese zodiac signs will have the best luck with love this week: Rooster, Dragon, Snake, Rabbit, and Horse.  

The remainder of the zodiac signs should make room for true love by letting go of fake love.  

1. Rooster

Your love luck this week, Rooster, is scripting your destiny and not compromising on your romantic needs. If you are single, be yourself with new people. 

2. Dragon

Dragon, your love luck this week is strong! If you are single, discover your love goals. Writing down your intentions activates your manifestation powers. 


Snake, your love luck is fast this week! Whatever you want romantically is yours. Let go of tension and ignore detractors if you are single. 

4. Rabbit

Rabbit, your love luck is strong this week! Lean in and you can do anything. Never settle for less if you are single, and do not listen to individuals who think you are too much or unrealistic about love. 

5. Horse

Horse, love luck is good this week. For this luck to work, focus on your long-term love needs when dating. Those who are single should not waste time on those who merely want to hit and quit. 

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