$6 million worth Olivia Dunne Gets Roasted by Fans Over "Toaster" Laptop in New Video: "Smaller Than My iPad"

Olivia Dunne, a social media celebrity and standout LSU gymnast, is the most popular NCAA gymnastics athlete on social media.   

With over 6 million TikTok followers and 4 million Instagram followers, her burgeoning prominence as a video creator has risen significantly.   

In a recent video starring gymnast Dunne, a lighthearted moment has inspired a surge of laughter and fun banter.  

To everyone's surprise, what was the video's most attention-grabbing feature? A "toaster" laptop was observed in the backdrop, sparking jokes about its size.   

As the video went viral on social media platforms, fans and followers joined in the fun, contributing their hilarious remarks and memes about the "toaster" laptop   

Fans first noticed the laptop in a TikTok video in which Olivia Dunne covered herself in a blanket while watching her boyfriend Paul Skenes   

"Livvy Dunne was locked in during her boyfriend Paul Skenes' start today". She was seen excitedly cheering him up while the video was being recorded.    

The video drew a great response from fans all around the world, especially when they noticed the little ASUS laptop Olivia Dunne was watching her boyfriend play on.   

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