7 Basic Japanese Habits That Completely Transformed My Life

Why are Japanese people healthy and long-lived? Positive components of Japanese culture, particularly habits, promote health and longevity.  

I tried these routines and was amazed at how much they improved my life. They're simple and brighten every day.

Taking a warm bath daily

Japan has around 3,000 hot springs. City bathrooms are ubiquitous, and most homes have bathtubs. Like Japanese people, I love bath time.   

Keeping things clean

Second, cleaning regimen. Japanese adore cleaning—it's a habit. I clean my house daily, however it depends on the person  

Daily exercise with Radio Taiso

Daily special exercise. Have you heard about Radio Calisthenics? This is a common morning exercise in Japan. Radio Taiso is a song-based stretch and exercise routine.  

Waking up early

Fourth, early rising. An English teacher in Japan, Lafcadio Hearn, wrote this intriguing 1900 novel about Japanese people.  

Eating Japanese food

Healthy Japanese food has an excellent nutritional balance. For one reason, UNESCO declared it an Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2013. A typical Japanese lunch has one soup and three sides.  

Drinking matcha

Matcha reduces cardiovascular disease and metabolic syndrome risk, according to the Journal of Clinical Biochemistry and Nutrition.   

Hiking mountain

Japan has several mountains, and many climb them regularly. Regular outdoor activities like trekking lower stress and promote health, according to research.  

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