83-year-old woman gored by Yellowstone bison

National Park of Yellowstone - On Saturday in Yellowstone National Park, an 83-year-old woman was mangled by a bison.  

She was whisked away by air to a hospital in Idaho after Park rescue personnel hurried her to a nearby medical facility.  

According to the doctors, she had significant injuries.  

The National Park Service stated that the Greenville, South Carolina woman approached the bison too closely.  

According to a statement from the NPS, the bison came dangerously close to the woman before using its horns to hoist her up off the ground, demonstrating its territorial aggression.  

More people have been injured by bison in Yellowstone than by any other animal, according to the National Park Service.  

According to the NPS, bison aren't violent by nature, but they will fight for their territory if they feel threatened.   

Their speed is three times that of humans, and they are completely unpredictable.  

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