ABB Robotics and Korean food company Pulmuone to explore AI-based automation to develop lab-grown sea food

 The Seoul-based food processing company Pulmuone Co Ltd and ABB Robotics have signed,,,

 a Memorandum of Understanding to explore automation solutions for laboratory-grown food research and production.  

 Pulmuone, owner of Nasoya tofu and Monterey Gourmet Foods, is employing cell culturing to create new seafood items.  

 Craig McDonnell, Managing Director, Business Line Industries at ABB robots, said,,,

 “We are pleased to collaborate with Pulmuone and provide ABB’s robotics expertise and experience in both the food industry.

 Separating and culturing fish cells creates cultured seafood.   

 The agreement requires ABB and Pulmuone to work together on numerous important cell-cultured seafood research and mass production innovations.  

 Robotic automation research improves manufacturing efficiency and prevents cross-contamination.  

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