All 12 Chinese Zodiac Signs' Weekly Horoscope For June 3 - 9


Rat, this week's energy is standing firm in personal and professional connections. You learn not to back down from competition, whether at school, in a friendly match, or in other social situations.  


Ox, this week's vibe is poignant. Some of you will be more sensitive than normal due to your increased intuition. Pay attention to signs from the universe and strange synchronies.   


Tiger, you've got magic at your fingers this week! So focus on what's important to you and start manifesting. It's now or never.


This week, Rabbit, your ability to manifest is highlighted. So focus on all you truly desire in your life and watch as things begin to manifest!   


Dragon, the energy this week is quite strong for you! You will not go wrong if you concentrate on yourself and your real truth. So remain firm and be stubborn in a positive way.  


Snake, this week is yours if you want it to be. Do not let negative self-talk stop you from achieving something. Your luck is in your hands!  


Horse, significant changes are on the way, and the majority of you will notice them as early as this week. As long as you remain vigilant and intuitive, you will know what to do and where to go.  


Goat, this week's energy is really lovely for you. You will succeed if you focus on love, whether romantic or platonic.


Monkey, your energy this week is magnificent and abundant! Expect nothing less than the very best. Good fortune is on its way.  


Rooster, this week's vibe is poignant. Trust your instincts and do only what you need to. Rest and rejuvenation are clearly stressed here for you.  


Dog, this week's energy is strong and bold for you! Anything you set your mind to can be accomplished now. So make sure you're focusing on what's actually essential to you.  


This week, let your natural curiosity lead you to new places, people, and experiences. Reading novels is also recommended under this influence.  

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