Apple Cinnamon Roll

Nothing beats a thick, fluffy, gooey cinnamon apple filling slathered in brown butter cream cheese icing, apple cinnamon roll.   

With just one bite of these handmade cinnamon apple buns, you'll be in complete ecstasy. They are extremely good. Trust me.  

These cinnamon buns with apple pie filling are simple to make, wonderfully spiced, and the ideal treat to offer as a special breakfast or dessert.  

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Kitchen Scale: For the most exact measures, I always use a kitchen scale rather than measuring cups when baking.  

A stand mixer with a dough hook attachment will make it much easier to knead the dough. If you do not have a stand mixer, you can still knead the dough by hand!  

Rolling Pin: A rolling pin is required to roll out your lovely, fluffy milk bread dough. Floss, this hack is GENIUS. Floss lets you to simply slice the dough while maintaining the swirl shape.  

Milk: I always recommend whole milk for a rich, moist crumb. You can also use 2% or almond milk as a substitute.  

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