Baked Ziti With Chicken

When it comes to a warm weekday supper meal that satisfies a hungry family and doesn't require much cleanup, this baked ziti with chicken is about as reliable as it gets.

This baked pasta dish is cheesy, substantial, and flexible for use with store-bought components, making even leftovers sound appealing.

This dish replaces the customary ground beef or Italian sausage with something much simpler: rotisserie chicken from the grocery store. 

Simply shred and add into the recipe for a satisfying protein that will appeal to even the pickiest eaters.

While the recipe opts for low-prep store-bought ingredients such as rotisserie chicken and pre-shredded cheese, the homemade sauce makes all the difference. 

Simmering it in a rich tomato sauce allows the extremely flavorful flavor to permeate into each noodle when baked later.

Learn how to prepare baked ziti with chicken, and trust us—everyone will love it!While baked ziti contains Italian ingredients, it is not a traditional Italian dish.

It's a substantial casserole that originated in the United States as an American adaptation of classic Italian pasta meals, and is typically cooked with ziti pasta, tomato sauce, ricotta cheese, mozzarella cheese, and occasionally ground meat.

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