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Bickley: LeBron James could be last grand slam for this Suns team

That's the usual response from Phoenix's LeBron haters, who include a sizeable minority of Suns fans.   

We don't want to be the setting for some paternal fantasy,   

we have deeply held views of LeBron as a villain, we don't want to see our 56-year wait for an NBA championship ruined by a towering outsider,   

we're more than just a convenient playground for a Hall of Famer trying to solidify his legacy.  

The question then becomes: how much time will elapse before we reconsider  

Just a week? All it takes is one news conference? Devin Booker's face beamed with joy?  

When will we jump on the bandwagon if the Suns sign LeBron James soon after drafting Bronny James with the 22nd pick in the 2024 NBA Draft?  

I'd like to believe I have immunity. The player empowerment period has become an existential issue for the NBA,  

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