Bronny James’ girlfriend Peyton Gelfuso spotted for first time after his cardiac arrest

Peyton Gelfuso, Bronny James’ girlfriend, was seen for the first time since Bronny’s cardiac arrest, which occurred during a basketball practice at the University of Southern California (USC). 

The incident took place on a Monday, and Bronny was quickly rushed to Cedars-Sinai Hospital, where he was treated and later discharged home in stable condition. 

She was seen alongside an older woman, although the nature of their relationship remains unclear 

This sighting marks the first time she has been seen publicly since the alarming event that has garnered significant media attention​ 

Both were students at Sierra Canyon School, where Gelfuso graduated in 2022. Despite the public interest, 

little is known about the details of their relationship, as Gelfuso has not posted anything publicly regarding Bronny's recent health scare​  

Bronny James' cardiac arrest has sparked widespread concern and support from fans and the basketball community.  

LeBron James, Bronny’s father, expressed his gratitude for the overwhelming support the family has received, emphasizing the importance of their unity and Bronny’s ongoing recovery 

The incident has raised questions about Bronny's future in basketball, though medical professionals have stated that further assessments are needed to determine the cause and any long-term implications of the cardiac event 

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