Bronny James’ girlfriend who he took to prom is seen for the first time since son of LeBron suffered a cardiac arrest  

Peyton Gelfuso, Bronny James' girlfriend, was recently spotted for the first time since Bronny experienced a cardiac arrest. 

The incident occurred during a basketball practice at the University of Southern California (USC), where Bronny, the eldest son of NBA superstar LeBron James, will be attending in the fall. 

She was photographed alongside an older woman, though the nature of their relationship remains unspecified​ 

This public appearance marks her first since Bronny's cardiac event, which took place on a Monday. During a USC basketball practice,  

Bronny collapsed and was transported by ambulance to Cedars-Sinai Hospital after being briefly unconscious. He received prompt medical attention, and by Thursday, he was discharged and resting at home​ 

Bronny James and Peyton Gelfuso’s relationship came into the spotlight earlier in the year when they attended prom together 

Both attended Sierra Canyon School, where Bronny is completing his senior year and Gelfuso graduated in 2022.  

The couple's prom photos were widely shared on social media, generating significant attention​  

Despite the public's curiosity about their relationship, Gelfuso has remained private, not posting anything publicly about Bronny's recent health scare 

She splits her time between Dallas and Los Angeles and has a notable presence on Instagram with over 54,000 followers. However, her social media activity has not included any updates about Bronny's condition since the incident 

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