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Chennedy Carter expresses "no regrets" on Flagrant 1 against Caitlin Clark

The Sky were prepared to address Chennedy Carter's harsh foul on Fever guard Caitlin Clark two days after it occurred  

on Sunday, the call was raised to a Flagrant 1 after a league review.  

Initially, Sky coach Teresa Weatherspoon released a statement. The athletes from the Sky took the stage an hour later when Carter  

Angel Reese, and Weatherspoon all spoke to the media at Sachs Recreation Center, the Deerfield location of their practice.  

"I'm in it to win it," Carter declared. No matter who you are or who stands before me,  

I will compete. To put it simply, that was the foul. In the midst of a heated debate, we're hemming and hawing.  

The sport in question is basketball. That's it. As soon as we win the game, it's love.  

Carter's body-checking of Clark sparked social media recordings of other players' severe fouls.  

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