Chiefs News: Travis Kelce discusses latest on ‘Good Morning America’

In addition to being in a serious relationship with the largest pop star in the world, Kelce is the greatest and highest-paid player of all time,  

he just won back-to-back Super Bowls. His sports podcast is also quite successful.  

So, I take it that Kelce meant Mount Everest, if it were located on the moon,  

when he remarked on Thursday's ABC "Good Morning America" that he feels like he's on top of the mountain.  

At the conclusion of the interview, he was asked to rate the quality of his life from 1 to 10.  

The rumor that Kelce will star in "Grotesquerie," Ryan Murphy's upcoming FX horror series, first circulated during the offseason  

Among Murphy's many accomplishments, the FX horror smash "American Horror Story" stands out.  

Kelce admitted on "Good Morning America" that playing this role is incredibly foreign to him,   

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