Chinese Steamed Egg

Chinese steamed eggs are the ideal comfort food. It's cooked with eggs, salt, and chicken broth, then served with soy sauce, sesame oil, and green onions.  

That is it! An easy steamed egg dish has everything you could want: pantry staple ingredients, simple instructions, and the most delicious and satisfying result.  

I will show you a foolproof method for making the best Chinese steamed egg. The final steamed egg custard will be determined by the water-to-egg ratio,  

the temperature of the liquid used to cook the eggs, and the amount of time spent steaming. Not to fear, I thoroughly address all of these topics in the tips and techniques section!  

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Kitchen Scale: Not all eggs are the same weight and volume. I recommend using a kitchen scale to weigh the eggs and adjust the liquid accordingly.  

Thermometer (optional): For the most precise and failsafe procedure, I recommend using a thermometer to determine the temperature of the liquid before adding it to the eggs.  

To achieve the right texture, strain the egg mixture through a fine mesh strainer. Steamer: You can use a stainless steel steamer, a bamboo steamer placed over a pot, or a wok with a wire rack and lid.  

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