Chinese Tomato Egg Stir Fry

Chinese tomato egg stir fry is a humble dish produced with simple ingredients that has the most warm and fulfilling effect.   

Seasoned with a sweet and savory balance of flavors, the softly scrambled eggs combine with the gently cooked juicy tomatoes to create the most exquisite bite.  

Stir-fried tomatoes and eggs are a quick and simple meal that produces great results in approximately 10 minutes.   

Serve this tomato and egg stir fry over a bowl of rice for a well-balanced supper. If you enjoy quick meals, try our Chinese steamed egg, oyakodon (Japanese Chicken and Egg Rice Bowl), and bihun goreng.  

Eggs: eggs are the star of the dish! I love using fresh farm eggs Salt and white pepper: salt and white pepper gently season the eggs  

Garlic: minced garlic adds a savory aromatic garlic flavor. Green Onion: chopped green onion adds another aromatic, sweet, and peppery flavor.  

Roma Tomatoes: Roma tomatoes have a mild, tangy flavor that is slightly sweeter than other varieties. They also are firm and hold their shape when cooked.  

Ketchup: ketchup adds a sweet, tangy, and umami flavor that highlights the Roma tomatoes. Oyster Sauce: oyster sauce adds a sweet, salty, and savory component.  

Brown Sugar: brown sugar gently sweetens and balances out the salty and tangy flavors. Sesame Oil: toasted sesame oil adds an umami, nutty finish.  

Cornstarch: cornstarch acts as a thickener to thicken up the tomato juices and savory sauce so that all the flavor doesn’t run off from the eggs and tomatoes.  

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