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CJ Stroud praises Matthew Stafford over Aaron Rodgers.  

CJ Stroud never hesitates to rank NFL quarterbacks by career. Recently, Stroud ranked Matthew Stafford ahead of Aaron Rodgers, making headlines.  

He stands by his cheeky barbs and contentious attitude.  

On the “MILLION DOLLAZ WORTH OF GAME” podcast, Stroud answered several intriguing questions regarding his tastes, some football-related and others not.  

Matthew Stafford was Stroud's favorite quarterback, defeating Aaron Rodgers in one round.   

The 2023 Rookie of the Year also thinks Stafford might have won 2-3 more rings with Green Bay's support.  

CJ Stroud admires Stafford for his potential, not just his stats. The Texans haven't won a Super Bowl or AFC Championship since 2002, where Stroud plays.  

His success is measured by titles, which is expected. This allowed him to beat Aaron Rodgers again.  

Because of Eli Manning's Super Bowl wins, the Texans quarterback publicly preferred his career to Aaron Rodgers'.  

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