Drop everything and head to this Tampa food hall and Asian grocery store

 The sweet and smoky fragrance of fried chicken, chilies, and fish sauce drifting out the door warned me.  

 I visited Lotte Plaza Market, a 49,000-square-foot Asian market in New Tampa, a few weeks ago. I was wondering about this place's hype during lunchtime.  

 But I wasn't prepared for how large it was or that I'd have too many alternatives when dining alone.  

 The Korean-owned shop debuted in November to hundreds of lines.  

 The market was the first in New Tampa and Wesley Chapel and the second Lotte Plaza Market in the state, which explains its popularity.  

 There are several fantastic Asian groceries in Tampa Bay, but Lotte's food court, with many concepts, sets it apart.  

 I saw Indian aachar, wasabi paste, and banana cream Pocky sticks; rice cookers and chinaware; Korean beauty goods,,,

 Guests can browse the menu and order on one ticket at several self-service portals in the food court to the right of the store's entrance.  

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