Each Zodiac Sign's Tarot Horoscope For June 6


The cosmic green light is on, Aries. All signs, especially the New Moon in Gemini, point to a new direction. Have you been reluctant about starting a new endeavor, relationship, or adventure? Consider your past. It serves as a springboard for achieving your goals.  


Life is difficult, but you have faced each difficulty without hesitation. Where others would have failed, you exceeded all expectations. It's time to evaluate your efforts and calculate your final score. During this New Moon, you receive a 10/10 for effort and success. Sit back and reflect on everything you've accomplished this year  


It's still your birth season, and the winds of change keep calling your name. Learning is a lifetime journey, and the New Moon in your sign signals the beginning of a new chapter. No matter how competent or experienced you are, there is always something modest you can do to expand your knowledge. Find and fix a problem that others are grappling with  


It's nice to be confident and sure of yourself, but if you're a beginner, there's a narrow line you don't want to cross, which can lead to loss, hurt feelings, and even failure. Should you get into something you have no experience with? You can, but keep in mind that there is no quick way to the voyage. During the New Moon, you may be your own worst enemy if you accept more responsibility than you are prepared for. Take things slow.  


Saying no to a buddy can be a powerful move during the New Moon in Gemini. Self-care promotes healing. You do not want to wait until the weekend to handle your emotional demands. Every day, do one simple thing to make yourself feel more relaxed and less anxious. It is so simple to put off your requirements until the weekend or not at all  


There is a new moon. A new you, with a new perspective. You learn to let go and let people take on their own issues rather than attempting to solve them. Not every battle has to be won, and not every conflict necessitates you championing the cause.   


Change can happen quickly, but you do not have to go with the flow, Libra. In unaligned situations, you can apply the emergency brake to bring the vehicle to a complete stop. You may be led to believe that you have only one option, yet there is nearly always a way out of a bad situation  


Yes, Scorpio, the past will soon be behind you, and you may close this chapter with a big "The End" on the last page of your book. The black cloud of grief has finally gone, and you will soon return to your old self. Loneliness and the sense of not having someone to connect with will soon be a thing of the past.   


Are you on the correct path? Sometimes the answer is yes or no, but things are currently ambiguous, so it's best to wait. This week, new information may become available that will assist you in making a better decision. Don't respond too quickly; you'll regret it, especially if your heart tells you to wait till later.  


It's good to wear rose-colored glasses when you want to see the brighter, more appealing side of life, but there comes a point when you may remove them and see a person for who they truly are. They say that deeds and words must match, and while you are generous enough to give someone numerous chances, you have other responsibilities.  


Before starting an important talk, gather your thoughts and think out the questions you will ask. Even if you are going out to dinner with your partner or best friend, knowing what you will discuss is always beneficial. Do you want to discuss the news, their employment, or a specific relationship that is developing? If you're heading to a job interview, research the firm and the interviewer.  


You were born with an intuitive soul, so don't dismiss your instincts when you think someone isn't being real with you. When intuition is disregarded, it sends a powerful warning that softens and fades away. When your inner child speaks to you, listen carefully. Her voice is worth hearing, and even if it does not make sense to you right now, it will in the future.   

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