Each Zodiac Sign's Tarot Horoscope For June 7


When given a duty or promotion in a field, take mindful to manage it wisely and with healthy motives. This card cautions against the abuse of power and calls into question some leaders. This is an excellent moment to analyze workplace motivations and actions, particularly your own.  


Taurus, you're a natural planner. This card demonstrates your ability to create goals and choose the best course of action to achieve them! This is an excellent time to put it into action, especially as the summer approaches. Consider your visions and desires, such as making memories or embarking on an adventure, and make plans with friends to do so.  


Gemini, the journey is not always as we would like it to be. While you may be ready to be at a specific area, position, or level, the actual process of getting there can be delayed. Be patient with yourself if things take longer than expected. This is an excellent time to work on cultivating compassion and understanding in your current situation, followed by working on being totally present where you are.  


The world is your oyster, Cancer. This card represents dreams and vivid imagination. This is the time to have big aspirations and pinpoint any places where you've lost hope or even settled. This is the moment to create visions that you may not fully believe in yet.   


Some things may not appeal to you at first, Virgo, but you can grow to love them. People who are opposite to you may be able to teach you something or help you develop in appreciation. This is a terrific moment to wander throughout the world with an open heart, not be turned off by things that are different from what you've encountered before.  


The death of one thing can result in the rebirth of another. This is an excellent time to lament your losses while simultaneously holding into the prospect of something new. As cliché as it seems, when one door shuts, another opens. Often, something isn't taken away until something better comes along  


There's a time for everything, Scorpio. You may have heard "Always persevere." or "Never quit," but there are moments when it is prudent to pause, reassess, and pivot. This could imply giving up on something that isn't sensible or good for you, such as an unhealthy relationship or something that simply isn't aligned with you, which could have resulted from misguided intentions.  


You may need to delegate some responsibilities, Pisces. Your frustration about certain issues may be developing animosity unnecessarily, and this card urges you to consider what you can do about it. It may need you to go a little beyond yourself and ask the difficult questions. Alternatively, recognize that you value your relationships or well-being than holding onto possessions.  

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