Each Zodiac Sign's Weekly Tarot Card Reading For June 3-9, 2024


Fight for the right to shine brightly and live. This is the message for you this week, Aries. The 7 of Wands is a competitive tarot card that refuses to give up or allow someone to take their crown.   


Taurus, it is not every week that you receive the wish-fulfillment tarot card, which describes what is ahead for you. Expect the unexpected, and prepare to pinch yourself when your manifestations arrive.   


Gemini, this is your week! With The Star (a major arcana tarot card) at your disposal, nothing can go wrong this week.   


Cancer, something wonderful happens every time you rely on your loved ones this week. Whether they are your greatest friends, siblings, or elders, your community will come through for you this week, particularly those who are your age.   


Leo, if you're feeling down on yourself this week or worried that things won't go your way, remember who you are on the inside.   


Virgo, sometimes it is necessary to take a few steps back in order to progress. The 5 of Cups represents the energy for you this week. Listen to your heart, and mend the scars in your spirit.  


Libra, your message for this week is simple: think that you are the boss of the ball, and you will be. That is your hidden superpower with the King of Cups.  


Scorpio, your tarot card for the week is Judgment, a significant arcana card that foreshadows Judgment Day and your role in it. Don't be shocked if, under its influence, your life becomes queerer than usual .


Sagittarius, it is not enough to simply dream. You must also take actual steps toward obtaining your goals. This is the message for you this week. Who are you on the inside, and why shouldn't you have everything?  


Capricorn, The Moon is an unusual Tarot card for you. Specifically, it discusses the subconscious mind and hidden gifts in your unconscious.   


Aquarius, the song lyric that most describes your circumstance this week is "The greatest thing you'll ever learn, is just to love and be loved in return," from the film Moulin Rouge.   


Pisces, this week's tarot card is the 10 of Cups. It encourages you to seek pleasure within yourself and ensure that your cup is equally full by those whose cups you are prepared to fill.