Easy Carrot Cake Chia Pudding

Chia Seeds: These tiny seeds expand and develop a gelatinous texture when soaked in liquid, creating the pudding-like consistency.   

Almond Milk: Used as the liquid base, almond milk adds a creamy texture to the chia pudding. It's often chosen for its nutty flavor and suitability for those with dairy allergies.   

Maple Syrup: A natural sweetener that enhances the overall sweetness of the chia pudding.   

Vanilla Extract: Adds a touch of warmth and flavor to the chia pudding base.   

2. High Protein Carrot Cake Topping: – Shredded Carrots: The star ingredient reminiscent of carrot cake, providing natural sweetness and vibrant color. 

– Crushed Walnuts or Pecans: Adds a nutty crunch, a classic component in carrot cake recipes.  

Raisins or Dried Fruits: Introduces a chewy and sweet element to mimic the traditional use of raisins in carrot cake.   

Cinnamon: The quintessential spice in carrot cake, contributing warmth and depth of flavor.   

with less maple syrup, and with almond milk (not coconut milk).  

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