Ezekiel Elliott excited to rejoin Cowboys: Feels good to come home

Not much fanfare or fanciness has surrounded the Dallas Cowboys' offseason.   

But the return of a well-known son has undoubtedly generated some news and liveliness.   

This week, Ezekiel Elliott made his way back to the Cowboys. It's a welcome homecoming and an opportunity for him to prove to the NFL community that he can still run with the best of them.   

He feels he demonstrated that during his 2023 stint with the New England Patriots, and he can do so again upon his return to Dallas.   

Regarding his accomplishments in New England, Elliott stated, "Just showing I can be a starter in this league," according to the Cowboys team website. "I'm still capable of playing well.  

Here, I'm [going to] carry on with it. Being an all-around back there is something I've always taken great pride in.   

"Not just running with the ball but protecting the quarterback and catching the ball out of the backfield."   

Elliott is more than content to be back at the starting point. The quarterback, his close friend Dak Prescott, the head coach, Mike McCarthy, the spotlight, and the Cowboys' inability to make the playoffs all remain.   

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