Flaster Greenberg Establishes Sports Law Firm

 Cherry Hill-based Flaster Greenberg, a mid-sized commercial legal firm, created its Sports legal Practice Group with its Business,,,

and Corporate Law, Insurance Counseling & Recovery, Intellectual Property, Litigation, and Labor & Employment Departments. 

  The Sports Law Practice Group provides skilled and specialized services from attorneys who understand the specific problems sports clients encounter daily.

 Litigation chair Jeffrey A. Cohen remarked, “Our firm is excited to launch our Sports Law Practice Group.

 Our customers benefit from our attorneys' shared passion of sports and professional service of athletes, sports personalities,,,

 professional organizations, universities, coaches, and front office staff.

 Our outstanding Sports Law Practice Group attorneys are eager to form an official practice group.

 The team is able to provide advanced legal advice and practical support to sports professionals experiencing legal challenges, and we look forward to aiding them.”

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