Gyeran Bap

The ultimate 10-minute Korean breakfast is delicious, quick, and simple gyeran bap, also known as Korean egg rice.  

Nothing rivals these delicious and nostalgic sunny-side-up fried eggs over rice, which are created with only a few ingredients.  

Eggs are our speciality. We enjoy quick and easy but wonderfully flavorful and gratifying eggs and rice for breakfast.   

If you enjoyed this egg rice recipe, try our caramelized spam and eggs, gyeran Mari (Korean egg roll), and Chinese steamed egg.  

Quick and easy. Nothing is simpler than frying eggs with rice and a few seasonings.   

This Korean eggs and rice recipe is simple to prepare and takes less than 10 minutes.  

Flavors are balanced. The seasoned fried eggs provide a savory and salty flavor that balances the neutral flavor of the steamed rice.  

Customizable. You may easily add your own flavor to this basic Korean breakfast by using chile oil, stir-fried vegetables, or protein!  

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