Gymnastics News: Overshadowed By Olympians, 15-Year-Old Aces With Drastic Win At US National Championship

 At the US National Championships, a 15-year-old gymnast stunned the nation with a win.  

 She has established herself as a rising star among seasoned Olympians.   

 After her performance, WOGA junior Hezly Rivera became a dark horse.  

 The stadium crowd applauded Rivera's performance of Pentatonix's “Carol of the Bells”.  

 Most importantly, her excellent execution earned her coach, Liukin, a hug and her apprehensive father relief.   

 As she qualifies for Minneapolis, she leaves a great Xfinity legacy.   

 Her faultless performances against Olympians have placed her among the top gymnasts and set a new standard for future events.   

 The NBC Olympics & Paralympics tweeted a video of Hezly Rivera on uneven bars.   

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