Hawaiian Spam Musubi

Take one bite of this Hawaiian spam musubi and you'll notice the sweet and salty caramelized spam combined with soft and springy, seasoned sushi rice and a hint of roasted seaweed.  

This spam musubi dish is surprisingly simple to create, using only ten easily accessible ingredients and four stages.  

During our journey to Oahu, we discovered the Musubi Cafe Iyasume in Waikiki. This small shop has thousands of 5-star reviews online and a line out the back.  

They sold a wide variety of tasty spam musubi for under $5 each. It was fantastic. We purchased approximately a dozen distinct spam musubi and enjoyed them one by one on the beautiful sandy beach.  

With this Hawaiian spam recipe, you can now get a taste of Hawaii without leaving your home. For personalization options, see the substitutes and additions sections below.  

For additional spam-based meals, see our budae jjigae (Korean army stew), spam and egg benedict, and spam and eggs recipes.  

Sushi rice is created by heating short-grain rice and seasoning it with rice vinegar, sugar, and salt. The thick granules are great for absorbing all of the taste and have just enough stickiness to clump together and keep their shape.  

Short grain rice has a short, plump kernel. Cooked grains are softer, springier, and stickier than traditional Jasmine white rice. U.S.-grown rice accounts for 95% of all sushi consumed in the United States.   

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