Hoops slam dunk: Basketball adds to long streak as favorite major sport to play

 Basketball's 14-year lead over baseball, soccer, football, and ice hockey as the nation's,,,

 most popular major participatory sport was extended by a Sports Business Journal analysis of the 2022.

 State of the Industry Report from the Sports & Fitness Industry Association and Sports Marketing Surveys USA.  

 Since 2008, the annual poll has sampled 18,000 respondents from proprietary online panels representative of the U.S. population for people 6 and older.  

 In 2021, 27.1 million individuals aged 6+ played basketball, 11.5 million more than baseball, the second-most popular sport.  

 Eight million core hoopsters play at least 13 times a year, more than double baseball's ardent players.  

 Naturally, pandemic restrictions reduced indoor and team sports participation.  

 Nine- or 18-hole golf and tennis were the most popular individual sports, with 25.1 million and 22.6 million players, respectively.  

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