Horoscope For Each Zodiac Sign On June 7 — The Moon Enters Cancer


Aries, keep your hot temper under control. During the Moon in conjunction with Mars, your ruling planet, the best of you may emerge in full force! You may be feeling more reactive than normal. Repressed emotions may arise, allowing you to feel freer and lighter in the long run. This is a time to prioritize your general well-being so that you do not feel pulled in too many directions. 


Taurus, listen to your gut. It is there for a reason. Your intuition will be heightened in the coming days as the Moon enters your home of thinking, prompting you to reconsider how you approach your goals. You may combine what you've learned about yourself and others from recent encounters and recognize that your perspective on your mission has shifted.


now thyself, Gemini." You enjoy learning about others, but you should channel your curiosity and devote time to self-study. The Cancer Moon presents growth chances during the following several days, and you may be more contemplative than usual, allowing you to hear the wisdom of your inner voice with greater clarity.


Every month, you receive the blessing of the Moon in your sign. You get a power boost all weekend. Allow Luna to strengthen your faith so you can fearlessly pursue your vision. You may feel more connected to your unique goal; sow seeds to watch your dreams develop. Even if you don't know what the journey will be like from the outside, you may have an internal knowledge of how it feels. 


The Moon in your house of endings allows you to let go of the past while preparing your heart for a lovely future. Once the weight is off your shoulders, you may be more motivated to spend time at home enjoying the simple pleasures of life. This is a terrific time to nourish yourself in new ways and feel more at ease.


It's time to appreciate the joys of your friendships, particularly those with spiritual guides or angels who watch over you. With the Moon in Cancer, you may have vivid dreams and possibly receive a message from an ancestor. It's an excellent time to perform an ancestor ceremony since there may be a deep desire to feel more spiritually linked to the 'other side.' 


Work and duties are calling your name. The Moon's entry into Cancer makes Friday an excellent day to consider how cultural or familial conditioning has influenced your job path. Wash away any external expectations that are impeding your growth. What does'sacred work' mean to you, and does your current career reflect this?


Scorpio, you have a tremendous vision for helping the world. The Moon's communication with Mars is a powerful reminder that your life has a purpose. Having important goals helps you feel more focused.


The Cancer When the Moon aligns with Mars, your sentimental side emerges, while your reflective side is heightened. Consider your present options. How are they helping you get closer to your long-term goals? What do you think self-mastery looks like?


The Moon opposite your sign represents change, which might be disruptive due to Mars. Use the tension between the Moon and Mars to your advantage. Friday is an excellent day to challenge some beliefs that aren't beneficial to your growth. As we all know, our thoughts shape our reality and dictate what is and is not feasible.

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