How Each Zodiac Sign Can Improve Their Dating Skill


Though you are afraid of commitment, once you decide to join a relationship, you have a tendency to rush things. If you want your relationship to be healthy, stable, and balanced, you need give it time to evolve. You're overly impatient when it comes to knocking down someone's wall  


You come out as standoffish and formal to individuals who want to be close to you, including someone you've been committed to for a long time. You are very guarded and don't let anyone in on your private life. You're afraid that if you do, you'll give someone the ability to harm you.   


You should be more open with your partner about feeding your need for life. You cannot keep things exciting (both inside and outside of your relationship) if you do not voice your desires. You detest your companions because you believe they are holding you back from being free-spirited and adventurous  


You are the boss in all you do, so playing the role in the relationship comes naturally to you. You take all the initiative, make all the decisions, and, in some cases, pay for everything. You don't worry what happens as long as you feel worshipped. Your other half is tired of feeling that he or she has been kept.  


It is difficult to get close to you, and even when you have established a strong and serious relationship with someone, you avoid opening up. Break down your self-imposed barriers. Stop living in dread of being harmed or feeling disconnected from your significant other.  


You are entirely devoted to your partner, but you also rely on them for sustenance. You rely too heavily on them, making them your only source of happiness and asking them to bear the weight of your emotional baggage.   


You are incredibly committed to your lover. You don't simply commit to them; you merge with them. Avoid losing yourself in the process of becoming one. Maintain your identity while respecting theirs. Remember that you both have the right to personal and emotional autonomy.  


You need to stop believing that commitment will cause you to lose your spark, freedom, and adventure. You can continue to travel the globe and seek out new experiences and knowledge.   


You must quit allowing your work and profession overshadow your relationship. Maintain the same level of commitment to your significant other. To keep your relationship alive, you must work at it. Build a strong link with your lover. Make extra time for them and take your mind off work when you're together  


Your partner thinks it's difficult to connect with you. You come across as calm and aloof, but this is not because you are cold or apathetic; rather, you are too consumed with living within your own thoughts.  

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