ICIPE Wants to Advance Insect Technology Globally

 Nairobi's International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology (icipe) promotes insects' significance in Africa's environmentally and socially viable agricultural systems.  

 Founded in 1970, icipe studies how to incorporate insects into the food system.   

 Insects are valuable in agriculture and can be used as major ingredients in consumer products.  

 Icipe Director General Abdou Tenkouano links insects and food.  

 “Food is produced in the field,” he tells Food Tank.  

 There, “you have a diversity of living beings, including insects that are part of that production landscape.”  

 Insects can help create a circular economy, which optimizes resources and minimizes waste.  

 Tonga believes insects reduce food production inputs. They cut greenhouse gas emissions by composting faster and requiring less water for breeding.   

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