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Is Kelly Reilly Leaving 'Yellowstone'? Fans Fear the Worst After Her Cryptic Instagram Post 

The Yellowstone season 3 cliffhanger left viewers with more questions than answers. Beth's office was bombed, Kayce's was overrun by gunmen, and John was shot by a stranger in minutes.  

Some blame Jamie, others think Market Equities caused the violence, but Yellowstone fans can't wait till season 4 to find out. The biggest question: Will everyone live? 

After the season 3 finale, Kelly Reilly (Beth Dutton) posted on Instagram that the program has been a "wild ride." Fans searched for explanations. Past tense. 

Fans quickly picked up her words and expressed anxiety that Yellowstone may have seen the last of Beth Dutton in the comments. 

A few days later, Kelly recalled her favorite Beth-Rip moment from season 3. Again, fans couldn't get past Beth's uncertain fate. 

Fans were direct this time: "Beth better not be dead," wrote one. "Please don't leave us," said another. 

But now things get complicated: Beth Dutton hasn't been seen since Yellowstone began filming season 4 in late August, a few days before Kelly's Instagram photos.  

On social media, Yellowstone actors Cole Hauser, Forrie J. Smith, and Ian Bohen have uploaded images of themselves on the ranch. Kelly seems to be going along with everyone's suspicions by staying quiet... or is she? Wait until next summer to find out. 

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