Japanese Cake Roll

This Japanese roll cake recipe starts with a light and airy chiffon cake base and fills it with even lighter whipped cream. 

It contains very little sugar, making it the ideal "not too sweet" dessert. Furthermore, you can personalize your Japanese Swiss roll by filling it with your favorite jam, flavored whipped cream, or icing.

When I'm feeling stressed, I always bake as a type of therapy. My favorite thing to bake is always cake. It's just the most gratifying dessert to make. 

Nothing beats pulling the parchment paper off a freshly baked cake, decorating it with my favorite whipped cream frosting, and enjoying it all on my own. 

If you enjoy baking cakes, try my Vietnamese Coffee Tiramisu Cake, Japanese Strawberry Shortcake, or Mini Chocolate Bundt Cakes!

This Japanese roll cake recipe may appear overwhelming to create, but it is actually quite simple, especially with all of the tips and tricks I've provided for you to follow.

Swiss rolls from European countries typically feature a drier crumb, a thinner texture, and more jams and icings. A genoise sponge is the main component of a Swiss roll cake.

Japanese cake rolls contain more light and subtle flavors, smaller serving sizes, and less sugar than a Swiss roll cake. Japanese cake rolls have a lighter and softer texture since they are baked using a chiffon basis. Furthermore, they are typically filled with light whipped cream.

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