Jelly Roll, a former rapper turned country singer, on his rise from prison to the world's most prestigious arenas.

 Former rapper Jelly Roll sings about his tough existence. He got a CMA best new artist award.

 He has three No. 1 country hits in 2023 and two Grammy nominations this year. He turned 39 recently.

 Does the Jelly Roll narrative have precedent? Not really. "We're definitely on our own island," remarked.

 One source of Jelly Roll is Nashville's Metro-Davidson County Detention Facility. Entering his old cell, he said, "Jail. It's bad. Every place I've been."

 Open door is one distinction. "Yeah, still smells the same though," replied.

 Starting at 14, Jelly Roll was in and out of prison for drug possession, dealing, stealing, and violent robbery for ten years.

 "I went through a period where I felt this was it. Upon arriving, everything felt different after receiving two Grammy nominations.

 "Even when I left here, I didn't have a plan," stated. "I knew that I loved music, and I knew it was the only thing I had any skill set.

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