Jelly Roll claims that because of his felonies, he is having trouble scheduling an international tour:   

Even if Jelly Roll is currently one of the most famous musicians, that doesn't mean he hasn't had some serious problems.   

The 39-year-old artist opened up about the challenges his team is facing in trying   

Bon Jovi revealed that this is all because of his felony convictions.   

I can hardly contain my enthusiasm. "We're trying to figure out the last details of some legal issues so that I can go overseas  

Jelly Roll explained to Bon Jovi, who seemed perplexed. Oh, sure.   

It's ironic that the United States has finally granted me permission to leave and me a passport, but several nations refuse to grant me entry due to my criminal record.  

"We are actively addressing that," Jelly Roll continued. In my opinion, it will turn out well.  

According to, most charged and alleged offenders can get passports, albeit under particular conditions.   

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