Jennifer Lopez Is One Badass Mom in this New Teaser for ‘The Mother’

Today, fans got their first peek at Lopez's new film as part of the Tudum fan event. The Mother, which will be released in May 2023  

stars Lopez as an assassin forced to return from hiding to rescue the daughter she abandoned earlier in life.   

They're both fleeing dangerous intruders, and as we can see from the preview, their situation appears dire.   

Niki Caro directed the film, which stars Joseph Fiennes, Gael García Bernal, Omari Hardwick, and Lucy Paez.  

In the new teaser, we see a ripped Lopez doing a ton of chin-ups while dressed in pristine white training gear.   

She's tough as hell, as proved by her dragging a dead elk through the snow near her hideout, and she's good with a gun. In the voiceover, Lopez says,  

She needs protection right now." You witnessed what was out there," while spectators catch fleeting views of automobile chases, speeding motorcycles,  

And various tactical equipment. "They're going to keep coming," Lopez's voiceover says. "If there's trouble, come find me.  

Tudum: A Netflix Global Fan Event features five separate festivities, including first-look photographs, never-before-seen footage, new trailers, behind-the-scenes access,  

celebrity appearances, interviews, and more from over 100 of your favorite shows, films, and specials. Lopez fans will really enjoy The Mother, which will be available on Netflix in May 2023.  

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