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Kevin Costner's New Western Movie Is A Huge Test 4 Years After $10.8 Million Flop 

Kevin Costner will release what he calls his passion project, a Western film series called Horizon: An American Saga, in June 2024.    

Aside from being the first movie Costner has directed since 2003, it is also an opportunity for the iconic actor to make up for his last leading role in the disappointing 2020 film, Let Him Go.    

Horizon: An American Saga- Chapter 1 is the first of several Horizon films to follow. The films are reported to span 15 years, chronicling pre- and post-Civil War America, particularly the development of the American West.   

It is no secret that Kevin Costner has had a long and successful career. Kevin Costner's films have enjoyed a wide variety of success since he began performing in the 1980s, both as actors and directors.    

Most famously, Costner directed and acted in the 1990 film Dance with Wolves, which received critical and popular acclaim.    

Costner has most recently been noted for his work in the neo-Western television series Yellowstone.   

Costner's career has not been without its ups and downs. Over the years, he has also appeared in some duds, making Horizon even more significant to him.   

The fact that Horizon: An American Saga is Kevin Costner's first film since 2020 contributes to its success. Four years ago, Costner played George Blackledge in the neo-western film Let Him Go.   

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