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LeBron James again 'accused' of influencing choice of next LA Lakers coach: His fingerprints are all over it

A controversial and outspoken basketball analyst has claimed that,   

as the Los Angeles Lakers approach their target, LeBron James personally chose the team's next head coach.  

After parting ways with Darvin Ham, the front office of the Los Angeles Clippers appears to have decided to hire JJ Redick.  

The Clippers were ousted in the first round of the NBA playoffs by the Denver Nuggets.  

The 39-year-old James is not an executive with the 2020 NBA champions, but he does have power within the locker room,  

the franchise, and the sport as a whole.  

As a result, Skip Bayless accused James of utilizing this influence to make sure the Lakers pursue Redick.  

I'm sorry, but JJ Redick is covered in his fingerprints. Without LeBron's initial approval, JJ would never have been considered for this position.  

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