Love Horoscope for Each Zodiac Sign On Friday, May 31  

With the moon in dreamy Pisces for one more day before moving into impetuous Aries, this is a good time to focus on relationships and ponder before being compelled to act by Aries' fire energy.  


Discipline can be a manifestation of self-love; it can be a choice between what you desire in the long run and instant gratification, which can be self-destructive.  


Things happen, Taurus. However, there is enormous power in how you cope with what happens. Going beyond toxic positivity, fostering hope in your spirit will help you walk joyfully through life.  


You might be experiencing some love changes, Gemini. Whether sudden or subtle, this could cause you to fall in or out of love.  


Today is about discovering self-respect and setting limits that reflect it, Cancer. To cultivate it, you may need to examine deeply held assumptions about yourself.   


Self-love is extremely vital, Leo, yet it is only one aspect of love. Today reminds you of the multiplicative power of delight when love is extended to others, for love is restricted when it is simply focused on oneself.   


Even after years of being with someone, there is always something new to learn. Consider yourself; no matter how long you've been on this earth, you're constantly learning new things about yourself!   


You may be making a promise to treat the individuals you interact with in a specific way that reflects you rather than what is in front of you.   


There is always space for development, even in relationships. You may be aware of areas where you need to improve, but you must be more deliberate about making changes.   


Romance may or may not come easily to you, Sagittarius. However, there is value in honing your skills, especially if they are significant to your spouse.  


Food has its own love language! Today is a wonderful day to talk about it with your partner or buddy.  


Quality time does not have to entail going on expensive dates; it can simply be soaking up whatever moments you enjoy together.  


It is easy to glance about and express your desires in a companion. However, now we return to ourselves, focusing on how we behave in relationships.   

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