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Major Mikal Bridges NBA Trade News Revealed

Houston Rockets appeared far from a contender this season. The Memphis Grizzlies may help them make that leap next season.  

Kevin O'Connor of The Ringer reports that the Houston Rockets want to trade their third-round pick to the Brooklyn Nets for Mikal Bridges.   

They've also discussed trading down from the pick with the Grizzlies.  

League sources claim the Rockets have discussed dealing down from this choice with the Grizzlies and hope the Nets will trade Mikal Bridges for it.   

However, those sources indicate the Nets prefer to add pieces around Bridges.”  

Houston Rockets would benefit greatly from Mikal Bridges. While it wouldn't immediately make them better....

....than the Denver Nuggets or Dallas Mavericks, combining Bridges and Sengun may be magic.   

They may form a big-three with Jalen Green if they keep him. However, Brooklyn has demanded a high Bridges price.  

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