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Mike Tyson’s fight with Jake Paul postponed after health episode

Since 57-year-old Mike Tyson became sick while flying last weekend, his bout with Jake Paul has been rescheduled   

A new fight date will be announced next week, according to Tyson and Paul, who announced it on Friday   

On July 20th, they were supposed to meet in Arlington, Texas.   

Last Sunday, during the last hour of his journey from Miami to Los Angeles, Tyson became sick and lightheaded.   

First responders were on hand to help the former heavyweight champion. An ulcer problem was the reason given by Tyson's team for the episode. 

The fight's promoters announced in a statement that medical professionals advised Mike Tyson to do light to minimal training for the next few weeks after his recent ulcer flare-up.   

Then, without limitations, he can return to full training," the statement read.   

Tyson has been training consistently for a number of years, although he hasn't fought professionally since June 2005.   

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